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Making A Statement Jewellery UK

Be Bold, Be Unique, Be Yourself

You’re Unique so why buy highstreet?

Unusual handmade semi-precious jewellery designs 

Here you will find a large collection of unique handmade jewellery designs, this large eclectic collection has semi-precious statement earrings, semi-precious statement necklaces, semi-precious statement bracelets jewellery handcrafted in the UK

This collection of unusual chunky jewellery has been created from a large selection of natural semi-precious beads and pendants in bold colour combinations that come together to create unusual jewellery. I do not only have bold coloured designs but pieces that are a little bit more subtle but just as beautiful and unique, something to suit every taste and mood.

I have been creating my unique designs for many years and have worked with many different materials but now I mainly work with natural beads and pendants to create my statement necklaces, statement earrings and statement bracelets. You will also find designs where I have added pearls and crystals

The collection includes

Statement Necklaces, semi-precious jewellery handmade UK

There is a large collection of unique handmade jewellery statement necklaces. Designs that I have handcrafted from some stunning semi-precious beads and pendants and I have also added crystals and freshwater pearls to some of these to add some sparkle and some extra design interest. I have created a selection of unusual semi-precious necklace jewellery made by hand in the UK in this collection you will find a large selection of lengths to choose from both chunky and delicate where I have used both Sterling Silver, 24kt Gold Vermeil fittings. Each statement necklace has been created by myself here in the UK and is either a unique one of a kind design or a limited edition piece with 5 or less pieces made

If you do not see the semi-precious statement necklace jewellery design you are looking for then all you have to do is contact me and I will do my best to create you your own original and individual unique jewellery design. 

Statement earrings, semi-precious jewellery handcrafted UK

In my collection of jewellery designs you will find unique and limited edition semi-precious statement earrings jewellery handmade from natural stones, pearls and sparkling crystal beads, bold designs, long dangling semi-precious earrings with a statement. Semi-precious statement earring jewellery designs and also a collection of pearl statement earrings and crystal earrings and an eclectic mix of designs that include all these natural stones. All these statement earrings have sterling Silver earrings hooks and 24kt Gold Vermeil earring hooks. My semi-precious jewellery designs are all handmade with sterling silver or Gold Vermail fittings. I try to create semi-precious earrings that will look beautiful worn on their own and also to compliment other of my handmade jewellery designs but if there is not a pair of statement earrings you are looking and are not able to see in my collection just let me know and I will do my best to create you a pair to your own specifications. 


Statement bracelets, semi-precious jewellery handcrafted UK

If you would like to make a statement with jewellery a unique semi-precious bracelet is a good choice, I have many designs for you to choose from in a collection that is forever growing and changing. I have handcrafted statement bracelets in a stretch design, unique and unusual memory wire unique bracelets, semi-precious statement bracelets jewellery original and individually designed and crafted by myself ere in the UK, charm semi-precious bracelets handmade from natural stones, crystals and freshwater pearls, the selection I have on offer has unique and limited edition semi-precious statement bracelet designs with extending toggle clasps so that they will fit many wrist lengths. Among this collection of statement jewellery there are unique and limited edition handcrafted jewellery designs, some stunning semi-precious bracelets jewellery with a statement where I have added freshwater pearls and crystals to the designs.


A piece of unique semi-precious handmade jewellery with statement does not have to be big and bold and flashy it just has to say something about yourself and buy wearing a unique piece of statement jewellery from myself you are making a statement to the world that you are your own person, that you are not afraid to express your own individuality and uniqueness


When it came to deciding on a logo for Making A Statement Jewellery it was very easy choice to make.

I have always had a love of the peacock and the beautiful bold and bright jewel colours in the tail feathers are my favourite colours.

The peacock is the national bird of India and on my visits to India I have seen the peacock everywhere in many designs from semi-precious unique jewellery, fabrics, artwork and in many decorative pieces

The peacock appears throughout India’s mythology, art, poetry, music and traditions.

The sanskrit name for the peacock is ‘Mayura’ and symbolises grace and beauty.

I always think of the peacock as being proud and unique so it is perfect to symbolise my collection of unusual unique handmade semi-precious jewellery designs

I have always loved things that are unique and individual and admired people that have shown there own uniqueness in what ever way they choose. I hope that my collection of unique jewellery with a statement will inspire you to Be Bold, be Unique , Be Yourself.

I have statement earrings, statement bracelets and statement necklaces in my collections designs to suit every taste, occasion and mood. 

I have spent many hours sourcing my semi-precious stones from all around the world and I am constantly on the search for new natural stones to use in my semi-precious earrings, semi-precious necklaces, semi-precious bracelets and unique semi-precious jewellery designs.





Making A Statement Jewellery
All of us are unique so why are we buying mass produced on the highstreet? Embrace your originality and make your own statement with unique and original handmade semi-precious jewellery from a large range of semi-precious stones.

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Please free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my semi-precious jewellery statement designs

Drop me a line if you have any queries regarding my handmade earrings, handmade necklaces, handmade bracelets, handmade semi-precious jewellery or if you have any other queries

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