Unique semi-precious stone jewellery designs

Semi-precious jewellery UK designed, handmade jewellery unique in design

I have sourced my semi-precious stones from all over the world to create my semi-precious stone jewellery unusual in design and in this collection of unique handcrafted jewellery you will find semi-precious earrings, semi-precious bracelets and semi-precious necklaces all handmade jewellery UK crafted and designed


Statement unique jewellery handcrafted in the UK.

All my handmade jewellery UK designs are unique to Making A Statement Jewellery UK. My unique semi-precious jewellery collection has unique earrings, unique necklaces and unique bracelets and every pieces of unusual jewellery has been handmade by myself here in the UK



When it came to deciding on a logo for Making A Statement Jewellery UK it was very easy choice to make.

I have always had a love of the peacock and the beautiful bold and bright jewel colours in the tail feathers are my favourite colours bold and bright'

The peacock is the national bird of India and on my visits to India I have seen the peacock everywhere in many designs from semi-precious unique jewellery, fabrics, artwork and in many decorative pieces

The peacock appears throughout India’s mythology, art, poetry, music and traditions.

The sanskrit name for the peacock is ‘Mayura’ and symbolises grace and beauty.

I always think of the peacock as being proud and unique so it is perfect to symbolise my collection of unusual handcrafted semi-precious jewellery designs

I have always loved things that are unique and individual and admired people that have shown there own uniqueness in what ever way they choose. I hope that my collection of semi-precious stone unique handcrafted jewellery UK designed with a statement will inspire you to Be Bold, be Unique , Be Yourself and wear handmade jewellery

Unusual semi-precious stone jewellery handcrafted in the UK with love

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My semi-precious jewellery designs have all been handmade here in the UK.

Handcrafted semi-precious gemstone jewellery that is unique and original all handmade at Making A Statement Jewellery UK

These images show you some of my semi-precious handmade jewellery UK designed and crafted. semi-precious gemstone handcrafted jewellery unique and individual just like you. 

Making A Statement Jewellery
All of us are unique so why are we buying mass produced on the highstreet? Embrace your originality and make your own statement with unique and original handmade semi-precious jewellery from a large range of semi-precious stones.

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Please free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my semi-precious jewellery statement designs

Drop me a line if you have any queries regarding any of my handmade jewellery handmade earrings, handmade necklaces, handmade bracelets, handmade semi-precious jewellery or if you have any other queries

See the new unique semi-precious jewellery designs avaiable from Making A Statement Jewellery UK

  • Semi-precious earrings, necklaces, bracelets unique statement jewellery

    Each of these handmade semi-precious jewellery designs are unique, only one piece has been made of each design.  Here I will show you some of my semi-precious earrings, semi-precious necklaces, semi-precious bracelets handmade jewellery designs that are unique and original... read more