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Agate gemstone pendant necklace UK, unique Agate necklace UK design

A unique piece of gemstone statement jewellery, this unique pendant necklace has been created from the semi-precious gemstones Agate, Jade, Carnelian and Czech glass beads.

This stunning Agate pendant necklace has a bright orange and cerise coloured Dragon Veined Agate pendant as the focal point for this unique Agate necklace design.

This brightly coloured Agate pendant hangs from a wire work bail in the centre of a unique Agate necklace that starts with long teardrop shaped Carnelian gemstone beads and then two large round Carnelian beads that I have framed with cerise pink coloured faceted Czech glass crystal beads.

Then the unique Agate pendant necklace continues with round orange/red Agate beads and between these I have set beautiful cerise pink Jade gemstone beads. This Agate pendant necklace finishes with bright orange coloured frosted Agate beads and this unique Agate necklace fastens with a toggle clasp.

The colour combinations of this unique Agate pendant necklace design are stunning.

This Agate pendant necklace is a unique piece of semi-precious stone statement jewellery so the Agate gemstone pendant necklace that you see will be the unique Agate pendant that you receive.

Necklace length: 56cm

Pendant length: 5cm

This unique Agate pendant necklace comes beautifully presented in a gift box


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