Chunky necklace, unusual handcrafted necklace, handmade semi-precious necklace (A241)

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Chunky Carnelian Necklace UK, Chunky Carnelian Gemstone Necklace

The focal point for this chunky carnelian necklace is a large 40mm chunky disc of the semi-precious stone carnelian. 

This chunky carnelian disc sits in the centre of a carnelian gemstone necklace that starts with large chunky carnelian teardrop beads that have been framed with smaller teardrop shaped jasper beads.

The natural brown colours in the jasper complement the stunning natural rich amber colours of the carnelian beautifully in this unique gemstone necklace design

This chunky carnelian gemstone necklace continues with alternating carnelian and jasper semi-precious beads.

With this unique carnelian necklace I have used a toggle clasp as a fastener.

This chunky handmade carnelian gemstone necklace is a unique handmade jewellery design with only one being made.

Necklace length: 54cm

This carnelian chunky gemstone necklace will come to you in a gift box


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