Handmade jewellery unique statement designs crafted from Semi-Precious Stones.

Unique Jewellery Handmade in UK Crafted


If you want to Make A Statement then choose Unique Handcrafted Jewellery

When I had to choose a logo for Making A Statement Jewellery UK and my unique semi-precious handmade jewellery collection it was a very easy decision for me to make.

I was looking for something that represented my unique handcrafted jewellery designs and the peacock was the perfect choice with its beautiful tail full of all the semi-precious gemstone colours.

I have always had a love of the peacock, proud and bold with its stunning tail full of all the beautiful rich jewel colours.

The peacock is the national bird of India and as I have a special love affair with this country the peacock just seemed perfect. On my visits to India I have seen the peacock everywhere in many forms and handmade designs, it is used in India's handcrafted semi-precious jewellery designs fabrics, artwork and in many decorative pieces

The proud peacock appears throughout India’s mythology, art, poetry, music and traditions and of course its stunning and unique semi-precious jewellery.

The sanskrit name for the peacock is ‘Mayura’ and symbolises grace and beauty.

I always think of the peacock as being proud and unique so it is perfect to symbolise my collection of unique semi-precious jewellery . Agate, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Jade handmade Jewellery with unique semi-precious stone designs.

I have always loved things that are unique and individual and admired people that show their own uniqueness in whatever way they choose. I hope that my collection of unique handmade jewellery will inspire you too

Make A Statement Be Bold, Be Unique , Be Yourself.

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Unique semi-precious jewellery that can only be seen at Making A Statement Jewellery UK

Unique handmade jewellery made in the UK

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