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Chunky Statement Necklaces, Semi-Precious Statement Jewellery UK

Showing you my collection of chunky statement necklace designs, a small selection of handmade semi-precious jewellery designs, unique semi-precious statement jewellery, handmade statement jewellery unique in design.

All my unique chunky statement necklaces have been handmade in the UK by myself and can only be found online at Making A Statement Jewellery UK

A selection of my handmade chunky statement necklace designs.

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Chunky Agate Gemstone Statement Necklace

chunky agate gemstone statement necklace uk

Here you will see one of my many unique chunky statement necklace designs and this piece of handmade gemstone jewellery has a large and chunky circular block of agate as the focal point for this unique handmade chunky necklace design. 

The colours of this agate chunky gemstone bead fade from a rich dark green to a deep rich amber colour. This chunky gemstone pendant has been framed with two deep green agate beads and then this sits under a chunky block of black onyx. 

In this chunky gemstone statement necklace I have combined the chunky agate gemstone disc with large chunky beads of a dark green jasper gemstone. These are set in a gemstone necklace of dark green agate beads and rich amber coloured carnelian gemstone beads. 

This chunky statement necklace is a unique handmade semi-precious gemstone statement jewellery design and only one has been made of this design and this unique handmade gemstone design will not be repeated. 

Jasper & Quartz Chunky Gemstone Statement Jewellery UK

quartz jasper chunky statement necklace uk, unique gemstone statement jewellery

With my chunky statement necklaces I am constantly looking to nature for inspiration in design and colour combinations and with these pieces of unique semi-precious gemstone statement jewellery I have used a deep brown coloured quartz and a deep red jasper together.

In the centre of this chunky gemstone necklace I have placed a brown coloured quartz pendant. This is a large chunky gemstone pendant and it has been faceted and as you see in the photograph you can see how this brown chunky quartz gemstone pendant catches and reflects the light beautifully.

With this handmade chunky statement necklace this chunky quartz pendant has been framed with large chunky blocks of the semi-precious gemstone jasper and to compliment the rich colours in the jasper these have been spaced with drum shaped beads of a golden agate.

This unique chunky gemstone necklace finishes with round brown agate beads to compliment the brown quartz gemstone pendant.

This chunky necklace is one of my unique gemstone statement jewellery designs.

Blue & Brown Chunky Statement Necklace Handmade UK

blue brown chunky statement necklace, handcrafted gemstone jewellery uk

The focal point for this handmade chunky statement necklace is yet another of the chunky quartz gemstone pendants and this chunky pendant has been faceted so again will catch the light beautifully. 

This chunky blue pendant has been framed with large chunky blue jasper gemstone beads and between these blue gemstone beads sits bands of the beautiful Paua Shell. The blue of the chunky gemstones highlight the amazing natural colours of the Paua Shell, an unusual combination in this original gemstone statement jewellery design but a combination that works beautifully.

In this chunky necklace design you then see blocks of a tortoise shell and these have also been spaced with bands of the rich coloured Paua Shell.

This chunky statement necklace finishes with alternate gemstone beads of amazonite and tigers eye and these two gemstone beads have been used to compliment the natural colours of the chunky quartz gemstone pendant and the brown shell beads. 

In this handcrafted gemstone statement jewellery design you can see this collection of gemstones and shell do certainly make a statement coming together to create a unique statement jewellery design

Red & Black Gemstone Statement Jewellery, Red Black Chunky Necklace

red black chunky gemstone statement jewellery necklace, chunky necklace

When it comes to making a statement with unique gemstone jewellery the colour combination of red and black is always a winner and this red and black chunky statement necklace is one of those.

Again I have used large chunky jasper gemstone beads for this unique design and these chunky jasper beads are a deep rich red colour. 

These chunky red jasper gemstone beads have been spaced with faceted drops of black onyx. This chunky statement necklace continues with large chunky teardrop shaped black onyx beads and this chunky gemstone necklace finishes with graduating round black onyx beads. 

As I said earlier on red and black are a great combination for statement jewellery design but trying to find red gemstones is not very easy, this red jasper gemstone is one of them and in my red and black chunky gemstone statement necklaces you will also find a bright red coral and also a bright red agate. 

Semi-precious gemstone statement jewellery is timeless and when you purchase a unique gemstone necklace design from making a statement jewellery UK you know that it is of a style of its own and a unique handcrafted gemstone statement necklace design will never date so it is worth purchasing a pieces of gemstone jewellery that make a statement and are as unique as you are yourself.

Purple & Orange Chunky Statement Necklace, Agate & Carnelian Gemstone Statement Jewellery UK

purple orange chunky statement jewellery, purple orange gemstone statement necklace

This is the last of the handmade chunky statement necklace designs that I have to show you but these five gemstone jewellery necklace designs are five of hundreds of unique gemstone statement jewellery designs that you are and have been able to see on my online store Making A Statement Jewellery UK

The combination of chunky gemstones used in this chunky gemstone necklace design are a deep rich purple agate, rich orange coloured carnelian and chunky blocks of a purple jasper gemstone. In the centre of this chunky jewellery design sits a large chunky purple agate block. I love this agate gemstone and it is quite raw and natural with the raw edge of this purple semi-precious gemstone showing.

This chunky block of purple agate sits perfectly in the centre of this chunky statement necklace sits among large chunky blocks of the semi-precious gemstone jasper and each of these chunky gemstones have been alternated with large rich orange coloured carnelian beads.

The combination of these two semi-precious gemstone beads in this handmade gemstone statement jewellery design is stunning, maybe a combination that you would this would work but the look stunning together and this is what all my chunky gemstone statement necklace designs is all about, using unusual combinations of semi-precious gemstones. 

My full collection of handmade chunky statement necklace designs can be seen among my unique gemstone statement jewellery at Making A Statement Jewellery UK.

I only sell from my online store so all the handcrafted gemstone jewellery designs that you see are unique and original and will not be found anywhere else.






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A collection of unique handmade semi-precious jewellery designs

Here I will show you some of my unique handmade semi-precious jewellery designs. Each of these unique statement jewellery designs are all available from my online semi-precious statement jewellery store. 

I am constantly adding the new unique handmade statement jewellery designs with new gemstone earrings, new gemstone necklaces and new gemstone bracelets being added on a regular basis. 

For unique handmade gemstone jewellery shop here

Gemstone Jewellery, Gemstone Statement Necklace

gemstone jewellery uk, unique gemstone pendant necklace

This is one of my unique semi-precious gemstone statement necklace designs where I have used the semi-precious gemstone agate in a combination of mother of pearl and the semi-precious gemstone black onyx.

For this handmade semi-precious jewellery design is a large agate gemstone pendant that has stunning natural colours, deep pinks and deep purples and these all melt together in the gemstone pendant to create this unique gemstone jewellery design. 

This agate gemstone pendant has been framed with long grey sticks of grey mother of pearl creating a stunning and unusual focal point for the handmade gemstone statement necklace design. All my gemstone jewellery designs make a statement and this gemstone statement necklace is one of those unique handmade jewellery designs. 

Original Gemstone Jewellery, gemstone earrings

pink gemstone earrings, pink gemstone jewellery

 I would say that gemstone earrings are the most popular pieces of original gemstone jewellery designs in my collection. 

I have simple gemstone earring designs like this pair of pink jasper gemstone earrings that I am showing you here and more intricate designs that I will show you later. 

I have used a square shaped Jasper gemstone bead in a lovely shade of pink to create these pink jasper gemstone earrings. The simple design shows this lovely pink jasper gemstone bead at its best and with these pink jasper gemstone earrings I have used a sterling silver earring wire. 

Handmade unique gemstone jewellery designs simple and elegant

Chunky gemstone jewellery, gemstone bracelets

chunky gemstone bracelet, chunky gemstone jewellery

I love to create unique and original chunky gemstone jewellery designs and this chunky gemstone bracelet design is just one of those. 

For the focal point for this chunky gemstone bracelet I have used a chunky heart shaped black onyx gemstone bead and this black gemstone bead sits in the centre of a bracelet of large coral pink coloured quartz gemstone beads. The black of the black onyx gemstone heart bead and the soft coral pink of the quartz gemstone beads work beautifully together.

This chunky gemstone bracelet is another of my unique gemstone jewellery design and this bracelet is an elasticated design where these beautiful semi-precious gemstone beads have been threaded on to a jewellery elastic so that this chunky gemstone bracelet will fit most wrist length. This makes it easier when purchasing a handcrafted gemstone jewellery design from Making A Statement Jewellery knowing that if you are giving it as a gift it will fit

Long gemstone earrings, gemstone jewellery handmade UK

long gemstone earrings, gemstone jewellery uk crafted

The rich green of these semi-precious pearls works perfectly in this long black onyx gemstone earrings design. 

At the base of these long black onyx earrings sits a 8mm round black onyx gemstone bead and this black onyx bead drops below a lantern shaped black onyx gemstone bead. 

On the top of these two black gemstone beads sits the deep green coloured freshwater pearl.

The pearls and the black onyx gemstone beads have been spaced with sterling silver spacer beads and the long black gemstone earrings have sterling silver earring hooks. 

If you look through my handmade gemstone jewellery designs you will see many pairs of gemstone earrings designs and all these handcrafted gemstone jewellery designs are available from making a statement jewellery UK

chunky gemstone necklace, chunky gemstone necklace

Again one of my chunky gemstone jewellery designs, a unique handmade chunky gemstone necklace. This chunky gemstone necklace has been created from bright agate gemstone nuggets and nuggets of a green coloured jade.

An eclectic mix of bright coloured agate gemstone nuggets sit between nuggets of a green jade and this chunky gemstone necklace is just one of many unique gemstone jewellery designs that I have handmade with chunky gemstone beads and brightly coloured gemstone beads.

If you are interested in new gemstone jewellery designs keep popping back for a look as new designs are added on a regular basis


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