Unique Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery Designs Handmade UK

Unique Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery Handmade UK With Love

All of my unique semi-precious stone jewellery has been handmade in the UK and handmade with my love of semi-precious stones. A unique collection of semi-precious stone earrings, semi-precious stone necklaces and semi-precious stone bracelets created in the UK with love

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Some Examples Of My Unique Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery Designs

Bright Pink Agate Semi-precious Stone Necklace Jewellery

bright pink agate semi-precious stone necklace jewellery

I love working with semi-precious stones and in my long career of making unique handmade jewellery I have used many different mediums but I always come back to semi-precious stones with all their natural beauty. 

Above you will see a bright pink semi-precious stone necklace that has a bright pink agate pendant as the focal point for the unique semi-precious stone jewellery design.

I love this type of semi-precious stone pendant as you can see it has been created from a slice of a semi-precious stone agate geode and then it has been polished.

I love how the edges in the semi-precious stone pendant have been left raw so that you can see it is a natural stone. 

This bright pink semi-precious stone agate pendant sits in the centre of a unique semi-precious stone necklace which I have created from a selection of semi-precious stone beads that compliment the handmade semi-precious stone jewellery design. 

I have used round pink agate semi-precious stone beads, a deep cerise coloured semi-precious stone agate beads in this unique semi-precious stone necklace and to highlight the natural crystal that you see in the centre of this semi-precious stone jewellery necklace design I have added some faceted roundel shaped beads of the magical semi-precious stone opal quartz.

If you notice this bright pink semi-precious stone pendant hangs from this semi-precious stone necklace on a silver wired bail and I have created a swirl design with this silver bail just to add that little bit more interest to this unique semi-precious stone jewellery design

Chunky Semi-Precious Stone Bracelet Jewellery

chunky semi-precious stone bracelet jewellery

My handmade semi-precious stone jewellery collection has a very eclectic mix of semi-precious stone jewellery designs, from the simple and classic look to semi-precious stone designs that are a little bit more bold and this can be seen with this handmade semi-precious stone bracelet design.

As a focal point for this handmade semi-precious stone bracelet I have chosen a large chunk heart shaped black onyx semi-precious stone bead so this unique jewellery design with its semi-precious stone beads has a romantic theme

I have framed this chunky black onyx heart semi-precious stone bead in the centre of a bracelet that has been created with faceted round quartz beads in a lovely soft coral pink colour.

When the semi-precious stone beads like these coral quartz beads have been faceted it means that they will catch and reflect the light adding another dimension to this handcrafted semi-precious stone jewellery design. 

You can see in the photograph where the light has caught the beautiful beads.

I have strung these semi-precious stone beads onto a very strong jewellery elastic forming an expanding semi-precious stone bracelet so this unique bracelet is going to fit most wrist lengths. Also it means you do not have to use a clasp so it is easier to wear and keeps the designs simple and stylish

Long Red Agate Semi-Precious Stone Necklace Jewellery

long red agate semi-precious stone necklace jewellery

In most of my handcrafted semi-precious stone jewellery designs I use polished semi-precious stone beads and semi-precious stone pendants but mat and weathered semi-precious stones have now became available and by mixing these two types of semi-precious stones it can add an extra dimension to the unique semi-precious stone jewellery that I create. 

With this long red agate semi-precious stone necklace among the polished red agate beads I have placed black onyx semi-precious stone beads but these black onyx beads have a mat finish and I think that these mat black onyx beads enhance the beauty of the polished red agate beads.

This long red agate semi-precious stone necklace has been handmade from a collection of large rectangular red agate beads and these have been set between drum shaped red agate beads and I have spaced these with the mat black onyx beads.

Among this collection of rich coloured semi-precious stones I have placed some nuggets of quartz. 

This long semi-precious stone necklace is one of my unique handmade jewellery designs and I have only made one of this design so when it has gone it has gone and this unique semi-precious stone jewellery design will not be repeated again

Purple Amethyst Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery Earrings

purple amethyst semi-precious stone jewellery earrings

I have chosen a deep purple amethyst semi-precious stone with this semi-precious stone earring design. I love to use amethyst in my handmade semi-precious stone jewellery designs as it is very versatile and it comes in natural colours from a deep purple to a very light lavender.

With these purple amethyst semi-precious stone earrings I have used two different shaped amethyst semi-precious beads. 

At the base of the purple amethyst semi-precious gemstone earrings sits a square bead of amethyst and on the top of this square bead I have set a round bead of this same deep purple coloured semi-precious stone. 

Between these two amethyst gemstone beads I have placed a disc of silver. 

With the semi-precious stone earrings I have used sterling silver earring hooks. All my semi-precious stone jewellery earrings have sterling silver earring fittings. 

This pair of semi-precious stone earrings have been designs to compliment on of my deep purple amethyst semi-precious stone jewellery necklace but they can be worn on there own or maybe to compliment a piece of jewellery that you already own

Green Beaded Semi-Precious Stone Bracelet Jewellery

green beaded semi-precious stone jewellery bracelet uk

With this green semi-precious stone jewellery bracelet design I have used a combination of 3 different green coloured semi-precious stones and each of these green semi-precious gemstone beads have a different texture.

In this green beaded semi-precious stone bracelet I have used 8mm round green weathered agate beads and these are lovely semi-precious stone beads have a lovely crackled effect. 

You will also see green agate eye beads and these have a unique design and then among these green agate beads I have set smooth polished dark green jade roundel shaped beads. 

All these green semi-precious stone beads come together in this unique jewellery design. 

With this semi-precious bead bracelet I have used an extending silver hook and eye clasp so this piece of unique semi-precious stone jewellery is going to fit any wrist width making it an ideal piece to give as a gift as you know that it will fit anyone.

This collection of semi-precious stone earrings, semi-precious stone necklaces, semi-precious stone bracelets is just a very small collection of designs in my unique semi-precious stone jewellery. Just click through and take a look at my full and every changing collection


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