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Chunky Blue Necklace, Chunky Blue Semi-Precious Necklace UK

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This unique chunky blue necklace has 3 large chunky rectangular shaped blue quartz semi-precious beads as the focal point for this unique chunky necklace.

These large chunky blue quartz semi-precious beads sit in a necklace that I have made from graduation semi-precious amazonite beads and among these duck egg blue coloured amazonite beads I have set chunky roundells of the semi-precious stone blue goldstone.

Each of these blue semi-precious stones in this chunky blue semi-precious necklace have been spaced with tiny freshwater pearls. 

This blue semi-precious necklace with its chunky blue semi-precious beads is a unique semi-precious stone jewellery design with only one being made.

Necklace length: 52cm

This blue semi-precious chunky necklace will come to you in a gift box


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